Pick a Bug 14 October 2021
Decks Used:
Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso
Dragonfly Rune and Crystal Oracle by Dragonfly Spirit
Pick a bug 14 October 2021 (2)
Queen of Swords
The Star

A new beginning is coming!

Stand your ground firm and true! If in the past you have given your power away, now is the time to take it back, to stand in your divine power. There is no need to speak harshly or to be aggressive in any way, there is strength and power in doing things gently, with love and dignity. There is so much that you have been wishing and hoping for, and the time is close at hand when this new beginning will open up for you. Keep the faith, keep your hope alive, know that what is meant for you is on it's way!

Pick a bug 14 October 2021 (3)
Seven of Swords
The Fool

Don't rush into anything just yet...

Before rushing into something new, take time to make sure you know everything you can about the situation, evaluate, assess, strategize, plan. Let things develop in the right time, no rushing or pushing! Only once you have all the answers including paperwork in a business situation sorted out, and have "all your ducks in a row" is it time to take action on this situation.

Pick a bug 14 October 2021 (4)
The World
Page of Wands

Life is never stagnant, but goes in cycles.

You might think or feel that you're at a place of stagnation at the moment, but it could actually be a time of rest and regroup before the next cycle starts again. These periods of rest are important and allow you to integrate what has come before in order to use it in future. When new ideas present themselves to you, be ready to take action, the period of rest is almost over. Take action with purpose when the time comes!

Pick a bug 14 October 2021 (5)
Ten of Wands
Ace of Swords

Stay optimistic, breakthroughs are coming!

Life seems to have been a real trudge lately, and it seems as if the world has been on your shoulders, but the end of this is in sight and soon you will be starting a new phase of life, there will be ideas, opportunities, breakthroughs and success. Don't give up! Things are going to get better, push onwards and upwards and soon you will get to the top of the hill!

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