Pick a Bug 29 July 2021
Decks Used:
Unicorn Cards by Diana Cooper
Healing Angel Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno
Pick a Bug 29 July 2021 (2)

Inner peace is always possible.

At times our minds go round and round in circles, we don't know which way is up and we don't know where to turn, but if you start listening to your inner voice, you can find the answers you seek. Are you being completely honest with yourself? Take some time, sit down and connect with your heartspace, what is your heart wanting to tell you? Are you listening? When our hearts and minds are not in alignment there is no inner peace, allow your heart and mind to come to agreement, allow the shift in awareness to occur, don't fight it. Once you start listing, and allow yourself to be honest with what you really want, peace to flourish.

Pick a Bug 29 July 2021 (3)

Show yourself compassion and love.

No matter what you have been through, or how you think you have done things "wrong" or "badly", know that you have tried your best, and you are completely worthy and deserving of compassion and love. Most importantly, show yourself love and compassion, for getting through everything you have been through, for carrying on each day, even when you don't feel like it, for learning, growing, and going through tough times and yet you haven't given up, you're still going strong, or if not strong, you're still going. Hold your head up high with dignity, you are loved, you are important, you are supported by spirit, and you deserve your own love and acknowledgement.

Pick a Bug 29 July 2021 (4)

Show gratitude for the beauty and blessings in life.

Notice all the amazing and wonderful things around you, yes things have been rough lately, there have been some crazy times and life has been shaken and stirred, and not in the yummy cocktail way, but rather in a falling down around you way, but even the night is darkest before the dawn, and there is always some good to be found. Look for the signs that spirit is sending you, acknowledge them and give thanks for them, even the smallest sign is noteworthy and beautiful. The more gratitude you show for the beauty and blessings sent your way, the more you open yourself to an abundance of beauty and blessings to flow into your life.

Pick a Bug 29 July 2021 (5)
Blue Angel

There is always a choice.

There are always choices to be made in life, sometimes they are more difficult than other choices, some bigger, some harder, some just take extra guidance and advice before a decision can be made. Sometimes it feels like there isn't really a choice, but there is always a choice, even if that choice is not to make a choice. When you're having trouble finding the right path, ask the Unicorns and Archangel Michael to help you, if you need some spiritual guidance for another way to be opened for you, ask them. The Unicorns can help you find another way, and  Archangel Michael can help you to find the courage to make the choice easier. Allow them to help you, by asking.

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