Pick a Bug 7 October 2021
Deck Used:
The Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum
Divine Directions by Jade-Sky
Pick a Bug 7 October 2021 (2)
The Moon
The Hanged Man

What is trying to get your attention?

Is there something that keeps popping up, but you're not taking note of it, or not quite sure what the message is? What is your intuition trying to tell you about your life at the moment? It is time to evaluate the thoughts and feelings you have been getting and take time out to recognize what exactly the messages are that you have been receiving... Something needs to be looked at from a different point of view, or perhaps from another person's perspective? Where do you need to shift your expectations or perceptions? Where do you need to find balance? As soon as you sit still and analyze these thoughts and feelings, the "Aaha Moment" will come and you will be able to shift your life to one of more balance and things will fall into place.

Pick a Bug 7 October 2021 (3)
Five of Wands
Two of Cups

Ground and connect with loved ones.

At times it can feel as if things just start working out only to then get completely overwhelming and like you can't see the wood for the trees. Dig deep and find the essence of you which is completely unique, perfect and totally YOU. Take time to focus on this amazing part of you, ground yourself, and get back to the present moment. Breathe! Then instead of allowing the overwhelm to spill out of you in a negative way, focus on the partnerships and the relationships that you have around you, connect with those you love, those that bring you happiness and joy, and that make you feel calm and inspired. Take some time to get together, have a cocktail or a coffee, share your frustrations and your wins, you will feel a lot better when you do!!!

Pick a Bug 7 October 2021 (4)
Five of Cups
Seven of Wands

What are you focusing on?

Are you constantly focusing on what is going wrong in your life instead of focusing on what is going right? Remember that what you focus on is what you bring more of into your life! It takes discipline and effort to watch your thoughts and to start looking for the good instead of always looking for and expecting the negative, but you can decide what to focus on in your life, you can watch your thoughts and change negatives into positives, it can be done! And the best thing about looking for the positive and the good in your life is that it helps you to overcome any obstacles that do come your way, by helping you to realize that you have the power to change your thoughts about the situation, even if you can't change the situation itself.

Pick a Bug 7 October 2021 (5)
Four of Swords
Page of Swords

What lessons can you take from this?

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to take time out, not answer back, not think, not over analyze or scruitinize, but to take a breather from it all and just BE for a while. Many times our loved ones, friends, and family are soulmates who are in our lives to help us to learn and grow, to trigger us to the point that we let go of certain behaviours, patterns or make us take drastic steps to change our lives, and though these things are not pleasant to go through at the time, in hindsight it is always for our best and highest good. So instead of reacting to triggers, retreat, meditate, rest, and clear your mind. Then when you feel you are able to, get back up and face life and the lessons with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

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