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Leilani Jones

About Me

My belief is that every person on this beautiful earth has a purpose, big or small, we are all unique and important! I believe that mine is to help you find your true Authentic Self, to find  the strength within you to change your life for the better and to live the life you are meant to.


I  have a range of services to assist you to transform your life, such as:
🐞 A variety of options for Card Readings – Via email or whatsapp.

🐞 Face to Face Intuitive Readings

🐞 Distant Reiki Healing
🐞 Past Life Releasing
🐞 Inner Child Work

💖 I  have a passion for healing your inner child, and have developed  creative workshops where we bring up issues and start the healing  process, in a very gentle and loving way. These can be done in a group setting, or a private one on one session.


You can view some of my feedback from clients below. Please contact me if you would like to know more.


Love and Blessings

Leilani x

Client Feedback

Carin Whitfield

Normally a skeptic I had some doubts when it came to my reading. But Leilani brings such love and understanding to her role that I knew she had only my best interests at heart. This smoothed the way for me to be open to the reading which was so spot on it really made me do a double take. I believe it has set me on a path towards healing and will probably come back for more. Highly recommend Leilani’s services.

Haroldene Ginsberg

What an amazing experience I had with Leilani Jones, the most incredible soul I have come cross. Leilani came to do a cleansing in my home and gave me insight to a few things that have been worrying me. So on point and what a beautiful experience. I have been sleeping so well and feel so much better since seeing Leilani. U have the most beautiful energy!!! Thank you 🙌🏻🤗😘

Helen De Oliveira Reis

“Leilani is a wonderful and truly gifted person. Not only does she give accurate and guided readings but she also connects with her clients in a gentle and understanding way as she did with me. Leilani is a gentle soul. I definitely recommend Leilani to anyone looking for an intuitive reading.”

Caryn Myers

“After winning a reading I was not sure what to expect, but my reading with Leilani was amazing, she put me at ease right away and what she said really resonated with me. She also sent some follow up information and I felt she had a real interest in me and my reading. I highly recommend her 😊”

Megan Parry

“Leilani is just incredible personified. She did a reading for me and everything I wanted to know was revealed she hit the nail right on the head with everything and it was just a most amazing experience. Leilani’s energy just exudes positivity, kindness, love and understanding. You feel completely at home and at ease in her company. I have had readings before but nothing comes close to this. I highly recommend Leilani to each and everyone. Thank you Leilani for everything you have helped me with. you are most beautiful and amazing 🌻”

Kerry Wilson

“Leilani, thank you for my reading. I always look forward to receiving my email for my distance reading. Your messages are spot on as I know what I need to hear most importantly for the good of my higher self and path will come through. I appreciate and enjoy your faith in what you are being given even though you have no idea what it’s about. It makes perfect sense to me. You have a wonderful way with words and share the messages with gentleness, compassion and humour. I always have a good laugh about what I’ve been given even if it’s a slight rap on the knuckles. You are wonderful open channel for Spirit”